Fire and Smoke Damage Repair and Cleanup in Buffalo, NY

The first thing needed is a thorough safety inspection of your Buffalo, NY home or business. Electrical hazards, structural instabilities, weakened floors and walls all pose a serious threat. "OKAY TO ENTER" DOES NOT MEAN SAFE TO ENTER. Taking the necessary steps to make sure the Buffalo, NY property is safe comes first. We then contact local electrical and utility inspectors to safely get electricity, gas etc back to the structure. After that, we put together a plan for restoring your space. We work closely with both client and adjuster to make sure everyone is on the same page with timelines, expectations, coverage etc. Proper planning in the beginning is probably the most important step in executing a smooth and successful Buffalo, NY fire restoration.

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  • Water Removal and Drying

  • Full Reconstruction

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  • Insurance Consultations

  • Job-Site Cleanup

Our Reviews:

"Tony and his crew were great! They worked quickly, were very professional and kept the worksite very clean." - Alicia Cascino

"Very professional and hard working staff. Explained to me in very good detail what this process would entail." - Otis Boatwright

When fire strikes in Buffalo, NY

It's more important than ever to be with a company that understands the process.

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Phase 1: Mitigate

The mitigation phase is used to demo, clean, dry and treat so the structure can be successfully re-built. The first thing typically is cleaning and placing of any salvageable contents in storage. An assessment is then made as to what building materials (drywall, flooring etc) have been damaged, and if it was damaged to the point of repair or demolition. The building materials that can't be saved are demolished. After the demo we do a thorough cleaning of the structure. Hepa vac, odor counteractants, plant based anti-microbials, fire sponges, primers, sealers, air duct cleaning, sanding, soda blasting etc are usually typical during this process. After the contents are out, the demo is done and the structure is clean, we can start the commercial drying process. The water used to put out the fire has saturated the remaining building materials and in order to properly rebuild, we need to pull the bound water that's now trapped inside them. This is critical. Installing drywall, flooring etc over framing that feels dry, but holding bound water will result in serious problems down the road.

Phase 2: Rebuild

At this point we're ready to re-construct your structure. We sit down again and outline a plan to put your Buffalo, NY home or business back together. Our goal is that you walk away with a far more beautiful space than you started with. We take immense pride in the finished product and don't skimp on the details. Countless referrals are available upon request to see our breathtaking transformations!

Why Blue Bear Loves Buffalo: Places of Interest

Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House

The Martin House Complex is a one-of-a-kind composition consisting of the main Martin House, the smaller Barton House, a carriage house with chauffeur’s quarters and stables, a glass-roofed conservatory linked to the main house by a 100-foot pergola, and a gardener’s cottage integrated architectural masterwork. Tours explore the buildings, surrounding landscape, and an extensive collection of art glass and furnishings, all designed by Wright, which together form a totally integrated architectural masterwork.

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is a national historic site, education center and tourist destination full of exotic horticulture treasures from around the world. Over 140,000 people visit annually to enjoy the amazing architecture and the indoor and outdoor garden sanctuaries. It is a gathering place where visitors can find peace and harmony and enjoy the simple power of the natural world. Some visitors also see it as a place for spiritual healing, meditation and reflection.

Buffalo Waterfront

Dine. Workout. Concert. Skate. Revel. Chill. At Canalside, fun happens here! Outer Harbor: Walk. Run. Bike. Boat. Picnic. Play. At the Outer Harbor, your options for adventure are wide open or you can just relax and take in spectacular waterfront sunsets.

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